Whether it is a personal, professional or corporate website, we provide adequate solutions and technologies corresponding to your needs.


From iOS and Android to Java, we conceive and develop software solutions fitting our customers' needs on a range of devices.


From administrative tasks to helping our customers be in control of their websites and/or applications, we remain available when needed.


Because taking important decisions requires good data, we offer a status report to let you know where you stand.


We feel it's our role to advise you with all available solutions for your projects so you remain in control of your options.


Technology can sometimes be an obstacle to your project. We make sure you master it using a step-by-step approach custom-fitted to your needs.


  1. Contact

    You contact us about your project so we can set an appointment.

  2. Presentation

    Getting to know you and your project gives us the right parameters, the ones that matter to you.

  3. Idea

    We conceive the best solutions for your project and present you with them.

  4. Implementation

    Once you have made your choice, we start the development.

  5. Review

    You review our work and we make adjustments based on your requirements.

  6. Deliver

    Once your final modifications completed, your project is completed.


We're Passionate

New technologies, the Web, desktop and mobile applications are a huge part of our contemporary society. At Parisian Design, we have grown up with them and we keep being curious and informed about all new opportunities we come across.

We're Invested

At Parisian Design, one of our founding values is customer service: we wish to provide the best advice and solutions for our customers. It's our belief that by having websites and applications that are better suited and more intuitive we can improve our lives.

We're Professional

We know how important trust is when it comes to realizing your project and we feel that human relations are at the core of any business. Our clients' interactions are based on this and we strive to help their project come true in the best way possible.

Why you choose us?

We started Parisian Design after seeing how most companies in our profession prey on the fact that customers don’t have the knowledge to make the informed decision. With this in mind, came the idea that it is our responsibility to inform our potential customers to the best of our abilities.

From our customer-oriented point of view, we built our internal processes focusing on what we consider to be our core-values: our customers.

This is why we value the trust that is put in us: having such an important role as to transform people’s projects and ideas into reality, we do our best to take care of them from the early stages of conception through the end.

We keep focused on User Experience by integrating our work in their projects as seamlessly as possible. This is why it is essential to us that we train and teach our customers to be as independent, informed and in charge shall they wish so.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your projects with us.


What makes us different?

We strive to make projects come alive.

There is nothing more important to us than our clients realizing their projects. This is why we do our best to insure that we grasp them wholly. Part of this means knowing our customers as best we can too as it is part of the identity of any project.

We provide support in a broader sense.

At Parisian Design, we understand that a project is composed of many aspects, that is why we audit, we advise and we train our customers with a custom-fitted approach to insure that they can master the solutions they opted for and remain in control of their project.

We care about our customers' identity.

To us, a project’s identity is greatly composed of its creator’s. This is why we make sure that our concepts and development take our clients’ identities into account. We strongly believe that technology is here to improve our way of life and it is our job to make the human-machine link as efficient as possible.

We are perfectionists.

At Parisian Design, we don’t settle until our customers are satisfied. From our experience, we believe that a customer can only be contented if we, ourselves, are satisfied of our work. Therefore we strive for the highest level of quality and always go a step further to attain it.

We always work with multiple devices

As technology evolved, we have entered an era of multiple devices (phones, tablets, wearables) with multiple interfaces (mouse, touchscreen, virtual reality) and resolutions. It is our responsibility to make sure your projects are conceived with this in mind to ensure the best user experience possible.


What our clients are saying

"As health care professional for me to make a website live up to my expectations was not an option. Parisian Design work was a perfect solution: an interview to clearly define my needs, my site's audience as well as the nature and form of the message I wanted to convey. Then comes a turnkey site with a personalized follow-up to enable me to master my website tools. It was a time saver for me and therefore permitted quick visibility on the web."

Thibaud Laurent

Osteopath Website

"There are companies who will tell you if your idea or order is possible or not. Parisian Design just gives us a quote and a date. We needed a partner that is as flexible as the business we operate in, as rigorous as our tax laws and with problem resolving skills on par with ours."

Nathalan R.

CEO NA Brothers

Let us make your project a reality !

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